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Java Programming

Important Concepts to Learn Java Language Programing


JavaServer Pages (JSP)

It lets the developers to dynamically create HTML, XML or other kinds of documents as a response to the request from any web client. It also allows the creation of libraries of JSP tags that act as extensions to HTML tags and XML standards. JSPs are compiled as Java Servlets using a JSP compiler.

JSP Compiler

It is a program compiler that parses JSP pages, transforming them into executable Java Servlets.


It is interpreted programming language and does not require compilation. It is used especially in web pages embedded in the HTML code or the like. Most browsers can interpret JavaScript code embedded in web pages. JavaScript is a language based on prototypes, since the new classes are generated by cloning the base classes (prototypes) and extending their functionalities.

It was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape, first appearing in the Netscape Navigator 2.0 browser. Initially Mocha, then it was finally called JavaScript in a joint announcement between Sun Microsystems (creators of Java) and Netscape on 4 December 1995.

By existence of different incompatible versions of JavaScript, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) designed a standard called DOM (Document Object Model). With JavaScript you can extend the possibilities of web pages such as avoiding that you can copy the text of a page, buttons to automatically add a page to favorites, create scroll bars, open popups, change the mouse pointer, rotate banners and validate forms.

Java Servlet

A java servlet is a program that runs on a server. Usually Java applications are running in an environment of web server.

Java Applet

It is a small program based on internet and written in Java. Applets are usually embedded in web pages and can run directly from a browser with Java support. For a Java applet to be executed, the browser must have a Java Virtual Machine.

Java applets are the form of web application, which can be virtually the same as with traditional application. For example, a Java applet may be incorporated as web animation to a website.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Application that interprets and executes programs written in Java programming language specifically, can interpret the bytecode generated in Java compiler.

What makes JVM is to finish compiling the bytecode in machine language, so that Java application can be executed on a specific device. Multiple websites and applications are programmed in Java and a Java virtual machine must be used to run, therefore, a computer or electronic device must have it installed to run.